Welcome to Ghost

With the introduction of Squarespace Seven the Squarespace editor, unfortunately, became much more WYSIWYG oriented almost to the point that it reminded me of Macromedia (now Adobe) Dreamweaver.

I made a post about Ghost vs Squarespace earlier this year and at that time I decided to go with Squarespace even though it lacked a good Markdown editor, and with the new Squarespace Seven it became even more apparent that I should try out Ghost with a more distraction free and text focused editor.

After setting up on the hosted Ghost(Pro) service and starting a couple of drafts in the editor I'm pretty happy with the decision to go with Ghost, though there are a couple of features that I'm missing that I hope will be add over time.

Feature wish list for Ghost

  • Scheduled posts - Have posts queued up is pretty convenient
  • Contact form - I'm using Wufoo for now
  • Menu support - Currently done via the templates

None of the things on the whish list are deal breakers, but it sure would be nice to have those features supported on the platform going forward. For now Ghost is the best fit for me and trying new tools is always great fun! :)

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